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Traffic Pattern




Please note the significant change to drop-off and pick-up locations.  The semi-circle in front of the school is for BUS drop-off and pick-up only and will restrict private vehicle entrance during arrival (7:20-7:50 AM) and dismissal times (2:20-2:50 PM).


AM Entry Procedures begin at 7:30 AM


Children should not arrive prior to this time as there will be no adult supervision until 7:30 AM.  Any student arriving after 7:50 AM will need to report to the office with a parent or family member to receive a tardy pass before reporting to class.


Parent Drop-Offs--Students who are dropped off by parents will enter the property by turning from York Street, directly across from East Meadow Drive.  Private vehicles should proceed straight, pass the parking lot at the lower end of the building and turn right toward the back/playground side of the building. 


  • Parents are asked to form a single-lane drive-through, drop-off formation.
  • Vehicles must remain in a single line of traffic and wait for the car(s) in front to move forward. This is critical for student safety.
  • Parents are asked to avoid getting out of the vehicle.
  • Students should exit the right side if possible.
  • Parents who need additional time or wish to park and walk students to the door are welcome to do so. Parking is available along York Street, East Meadow Drive, and Shepherdstown United Methodist Church.


Walkers – Students who walk from Meadowview will cross with the crossing guard and walk up the sidewalk on the school side of York Street.  They will cross at the upper end of the driveway with a staff member and enter the front door nearest to the all-purpose room.



PM Exit Procedures begin at 2:30 PM


Private Vehicle Pick-Ups—Students being picked up by private vehicle will be dismissed through the rear entrance, directly across from the playground equipment.

  • Parents should form a single line of vehicles, same as in the morning, along the pick-up zone.
  • Parents are asked to stand outside their vehicle so students can be released by staff once they recognize their designated pick-up person.
  • Parents should be prepared to show identification to school personnel if necessary to confirm.
  • Please pull out carefully, watching for parents putting students into vehicles, and exit at the upper end of the building.


Walkers—Students who are walkers will be escorted by an adult at dismissal to the crossing guard posted at the intersection of East Meadow Drive and our driveway.  Students are expected to walk directly home unless prior arrangements have been made and office personnel have been notified.


Bus/Van Dismissals—Children who ride buses or vans be dismissed from the front of the building.


Please help us keep dismissal running smoothly by keeping your arrangements as consistent as possible. If you must make alternate dismissal arrangements, please send a note with your child in the morning or notify the office at [email protected]. This gives us plenty of time to make sure everyone knows and serves as a concrete reminder of the change. Notification of changes after lunch should be used only for emergencies. Thank you for your assistance as we work to keep students safe as they arrive and dismiss from school each day. 



Mrs. Archibald